Transportation in Jamalpur

Situated in the Munger district of Bihar, Jamalpur is known for its religious significance. During the recent years, this city has successfully emerged as one of the most important commercial hub in eastern India. This city has bestowed transport facilities which connect to all parts of the region with the main city. It is also known as the Rail city of India. The main modes of transport here include railways, buses, taxis, autos etc. The quality of the ride is different in each mode of transport. The railway system in Jamalpur is far more developed compared to the other parts in Bihar state. The city of Jamalpur has undergone changes to a very large extent when it comes to transportation network

Railways in Jamalpur

Transportation in Jamalpur

Jamalpur Workshop is the largest and the oldest workshop for railways. There are regular trains available from Jamalpur junction that is JMP to all the major cities in India. The rail network is the major mode of transportation in Jamalpur. More than half the populations in Jamalpur commute by rail network on a daily basis. The railway fare in Jamalpur is comparative lesser than the railway fare of other major cities. From Jamalpur Junction you can catch trains for Patna, Delhi and many other places.

Road Network in Jamalpur

Jamalpur has limited road network compared to its rail network but is connected to all the local highways. The National Highway 80 passes proximal 500m to the city and connects to Patna the state capital of Bihar. This highway runs in an east to west direction just beyond its peripheral region. The headquarters of Munger is connected to this town by the main Munger District road. Jamalpur city has 87.25 km of roads in all out of which 63% of the roads are pucca roads.

Bus Services in Jamalpur

Buses are the second major mode of transport apart from railways in Jamalpur and hence it has emerged as the lifeline of this city. Both private and public sector buses are provided by the bus transport system in Jamalpur. The fleet of these buses transports a huge number of passengers each day. The expenses covered during the bus travels are also not much expensive. There are also several bus services provided to the tourists who wish to travel and explore the city. The nearest bus stand in Jamalpur is Saharsa which is about 59 km away from Jamalpur. From here regular buses are available to the major cities.

Roadways in Jamalpur

The tickets for these buses can be purchased either directly from any of the bus conductors on the spot or from the ticket counters. The fares for the buses are for public buses are different from the fare of the buses regulated by the government and are fixed. Bus passes are also available for a fixed amount which can be used to travel in the same route for a period of one month or so.

Shared Auto in Jamalpur

In a busy city like Jamalpur one can find many autos or shared autos available for both short and long distances. These distances could either be less than half kilometers or they could be even more than 12 kilometers. The concept of shared auto is to share the fare among the commuters who share the seats in an auto. This reduces the cost of transportation to a large extent. Apart from this, one can take a single auto to reach their destination. In that case, the commuter is supposed to pay the fare all by themselves. These autos operate on metered based rates. It is necessary to ensure that the meter is on while commuting in such cases.

How to Reach Jamalpur ?

Jamalpur does not have an airport facility but the nearest airport is the Patna Airport which is 134 km far from Jamalpur. Another airport that is the Gaya Airport is at a distance of 163 km from Jamalpur.
On the other hand, the railway network is quite extensive and very well connected. Regular trains are available to and from Jamalpur to the other major cities of the country. The main railway station is Jamalpur Junction (JMP). There are also not many bus routes from other cities to Jamalpur. The nearest bus stand here is Saharsa which is 59 km away from Jamalpur. Another bus stand Barh is at a distance of 80 km from Jamalpur.

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