Sports in Jamalpur

In order to regulate the various elements of the sports, many councils as well as sports committees are established around different parts of the country. Jamalpur shows a great enthusiasm towards sports like any other emerging city in Bihar. The residents or the locals here, actively take part in various sports and activities held in this fast growing city. Hence Jamalpur is day by day emerging to be the house of various sports activities.

Sports in Jamalpur

Cricket in Jamalpur

Cricket is one of the popular sports in our country which is also played to a large extent in Jamalpur. This game basically consists of eleven team members or players in one team where two such teams compete with each another. It is the most sought after game played in this region. In Jamalpur the game of cricket is mainly played in the stadiums around Jamalpur. Zonal cricket matches are held in these stadiums at least twice a year. Many people from distant places around the city of Jamalpur come to watch these matches. The locals here, play this gentleman’s game with great enthusiasm.

Football in Jamalpur

Football is another energetic sport played in Jamalpur. The sports enthusiasts in this region especially the youth, play this game with great enthusiasm. Jamalpur does have a Football stadium that is the JSA ground stadium where football is played. Also the schools here in Jamalpur include many sports events related to football. This leads them in winning many notable events and competitions. Jamalpur city has contributed to a great level in Bihar’s Football Team which competes with the other states of the country. Hence Football is also considered as a major sports played here in Jamalpur.The JSA Stadium is a small stadium but at the same time it is one of the best maintained stadiums in the state of Bihar. Number of football matches have been played in this stadium including different teams in the eastern region of India which have competed with each other over the latter half of the last century.

JSA Ground Stadium
Address: Railway Colony, Munger, Jamalpur.

Golf in Jamalpur

Golf is another popular sport played in Jamalpur. Being one of the major sports played in India, Golf has gained immense popularity in this region of Bihar. The Jamalpur golf course is one of the major golf grounds in the state of Bihar. It is the site of the annual ITC Golf Tournament. Many events and competition are held here in order to boost and encourage the game in the city.

Famous sports in Jamalpur

The Golf Course in Jamalpur is an 18-hole golf course which is run by the Central Institute of the Eastern Railway. It is one of the three golf courses in the state of Bihar and dates back to the year 1913. Apart from being one of the oldest golf courses in the country, it is also the most well maintained course. This golf course is situated near the Gymkhana Avenue and hence is most frequented by the Railway and Army officers from the Gymkhana. The annual ITC Golf tournament is also held in this Golf course. Earlier this course was of 9-hole which has now developed in to an 18 hole course which is marked as a standard golf course. This golf club is also registered to the Indian Golf union. Players from different parts of the country like to play and enjoy the nature in this particular golf course. The hills, tanks, water reservoir and water fall around this golf course adds to its natural beauty and attracts huge number of visitors.

Jamalpur Golf Course
Address: Gymkhana Avenue, Munger, Jamalpur

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