Shopping in Jamalpur

Jamalpur offers a good variety when it comes to shopping. This place has a lot of stuffs for shopping including traditional as well as trendiest and fashionable clothes and accessories. Shopping in Jamalpur gives a sense of excitement to the tourists especially those who visit here for the first time. Tourists will have a lot of choices and ample opportunity for shopping at various places in this town. The best season or time for shopping in Jamalpur is between October to March. This is the time when there are varieties of festivities celebrated here and hence at this particular time of the year, the city is filled with a large number of tourists. Further new collections in every segment is available to add to the excitement of the customers.

What to Buy in Jamalpur ?

Cultural and artistic products are available here in plenty. Jamalpur also offer a wide varieties of local and handicraft products. The shops here have a big collection of these handicrafts and handloom products and also many other products from different parts of the country. Bargaining becomes an essential part of shopping in Jamalpur and there is no upper or lower limit to such bargaining. This particular city offers woolen garments as well which can be purchased at the cheapest rates.

Shopping in Jamalpur

The handicraft stores which are authorized by the government sell thangkas, peepul-bead rosaries for meditation, dried peepul leaves, lotus- bead malas and much more.The paintings of Darbhanga especially those from Madhubani School of painting are also available for sale here in selected shops. No doubt they are most famous among tourists and other buyers in Jamalpur. Stone and bead-jewelry, miniatures in paper and leaves, applique work on fabric, hand-painted wall hangings, stone pottery, wooden stools, bamboo and cane work, leather goods, etc. are some of the other famous shopping items in Jamalpur. Local made handicrafts like home made baskets are major attractions for tourists in Jamalpur.

Sweets of Jamalpur

Sweets are another must added item to the shopping cart while traveling to Jamalpur. These sweets are very popular among the locals as well as the tourists and cannot be left untouched. Some of the famous sweets here include `soanpapri`, `petha’ and `Tilcoot` which is another special cuisine of the locals. The local cuisine found here in Jamalpur is quite different from the cuisines of the other parts of Bihar and is definitely famous among tourists. There are also a number of restaurants available around every corner in Jamalpur to taste these delicacies.

Where to Shop in Jamalpur ?

The most promising and offering markets in Jamalpur includes Raja Bazar(Jublee Well), Betwan Bazar, Sadar Bazar, Chowak Bazar, Wighte House, Durgasthan. These markets fulfills almost every requiremet of the citizens in the city. From ready made garments go handicraft items, household items you can find all and more in this part of Bihar. If you are looking for traditional jewellery items then markets in Jamalpur are the best option available as here you can find excusite collections of both traditional and designer jewellery at competitive prices. No doubt with numerous markets and beautiful items you will enjoy shopping at fullest in this part of Bihar.

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