Lifestyle in Jamalpur

The lifestyle of Jamalpur is much influenced by the culture of the region. This city with its amazing lifestyle has everything to keep anyone amused. The city of Jamalpur since long has seen migrants from other parts of the country. Thanks to the presence of Rail Coach Factory in the region which ever since its inception in 1862 has remained largest employer in this region of Bihar. Due to such variations in the culture Jamalpur has set a great example of diversity. This rich and varied cultural heritage of the city of Jamalpur is clearly visible in the lifestyle of the people of Jamalpur.

Traditional Lifestyle in Jamalpur

Lifestyle in JamalpurJamalpur is a city definitely famous for its traditional roots culture. During the recent years, the lifestyle of the people might have been a little affected due to the western influence, but the local traditions are still alive in. The women in Jamalpur usually wear saris or ghagra cholis, whereas young girls prefer wearing salwar kameez and churidars. The saris are usually simple but during special occasions women mostly flaunt their colorful saris with fancy matching blouses and jewelries. Apart from this, the youth in this town try experimenting with the latest fashion. Even though the western culture seems to have an effect in the outfits of the people here, the traditional outfits still dominate the lifestyle in this region.

Influence of Western Culture in Jamalpur

Jamalpur is fast adapting western lifestyle to catch the pace with other metro cities. Even though being one of the fast growing cities in the country it has an entirely different night life as compared to the other cities. With movies becoming the important source of entertainment, many theaters or cinema halls are found in this city. There are also quite a few restaurants in the city which serving till late night. Anyone can have a good night out in these restaurants with their family and friends. Delicious traditional food has always been a major attraction for the tourists in this city. Apart from the Chinese items available in the restaurants, people also have a great time enjoying the traditional Indian food. Many cultural events and programs also take place here, showing the liveliness of the city which is thoroughly enjoyed by the tourists. Further they are number of beauty parlors that offer range of beauty treatment services to the residents of the city. Some of them are listed below:

Babas Salon
Address: Bharat Mata Chalk, Keshabpur, Munger, Jamalpur, Gurdwara Road, Jamalpur, Munger.
Phone no- (91)-9263985208

Pappu Gents’s Beauty Parlor
Address: Borat Chowk, Jamalpur, Dharamsala Road, Bihar, Sadar Bazar, Jamalpur, Munger – 811214
Phone no- (91)-9931857083

Fast Food Culture in Jamalpur

Fast Food Culture in Jamalpur

For anyone who loves food, Jamalpur is the hot spot. Here the sensational Bihari Cuisine can relish the taste buds of all foodies. Jamalpur has always been known for its traditional food but due to influence of western culture these days, many fast food centers have come up across the city. These types of restaurants and fast food outlets are becoming the hot spot among the youth these days. They also serve different sorts of foods like pizza, pani puri, chat, burger etc. Apart from there fast food items, there are also different sorts of Bihari sweets available for the sweet tooth. Some of the sweet delicacies include Peda, Ladoo, Jalebi, etc. When in Jamalpur, we can enjoy munching all the mouth watering delicacies all the time.

Fitness Centers in Jamalpur

Jamalpur also has quite a few facilitates for fitness centers for the health of the locals. Many people here can be seen jogging around and excising quite often, especially the youth. The fitness centers offer variety types of training like, martial arts, meditation and yoga practice under the guidance of skilled instructors. Many sports events also take place in the local sports grounds of Jamalpur apart from the fitness centers. The golf course in Jamalpur is popularly known for the various golf matches arranged by the Railway apprentices. The JSA stadium, one of the most famous stadiums in Bihar, also has seen many matches over the years.

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