Entertainment and Nightlife in Jamalpur

Jamalpur is one of the fast growing and most important cities in the state of Bihar. The city is very famous for its tourist spots and many tourists from all over the country come to visit this evergreen city. When people from all over the country come to visit this place, the culture of the locals here are greatly influenced by the other culture. Hence this city has gone through some drastic changes when it comes to culture, entertainment and night life.

Entertainment in Jamalpur

These changes in the traditional lifestyle of the people are visible in Jamalpur where we can see even the local people especially the youth, enjoying the nightlife here. As compared to the yesteryears, people here have started going out of their houses even at night with their family and friends for family parties or get together with friends. As a result, many restaurants, pubs and movie theaters have opened up in the city in order to meet this new demand of entertainment.

Night Life in Jamalpur

Jamalpur even though being one of the fast growing cities in the country, has an entirely different night life as compared to the other cities. Even though there were not many recreational places available in the city before, due to the traditional nature, the number is gradually increasing. Quite a few coffee shops, restaurants and pubs are established here day by day. With movies becoming the important source of entertainment, many theaters or cinema halls are found in this city. There are also quite a few restaurants in the city which serving till late night. Anyone can have a good night out in these restaurants with their family and friends. Delicious traditional food has always been a major attraction for the tourists in this city. Apart from these Chinese food items are also available in these restaurants. But the tourists mainly have a great time enjoying the traditional Indian food. Many cultural events and programs also take place here, showing the liveliness of the city which is thoroughly enjoyed by the tourists. The addresses of the two famous clubs in Jamalpur are as given below:

Peninsular Park Society Club
ITC Munger Park, Jamalpur,
Munger, Bihar 811201

Officer's Club
C. I. E Rd, Jamalpur,
Munger, Bihar 811214

Cinema Halls in Jamalpur

The main sources of entertainment in today’s world are movies. In a small city like Jamalpur, there is nothing more enjoyable than going to the movies with family and friends. Earlier the numbers of cinema halls available in Jamalpur were less compared to the other cities. But this number has increased in the recent years along with the need for entertainment in people’s lives. Apart from films, other sources of entertainment are also emerging these days with various night outs being established. Most of the movie theaters in Jamalpur are small and are of single screen compared to the multiplex facilities in other cities. With that being said, multiplexes are also emerging these days with full facilities.

Vijay Cenema Hall
Address: P.C.Dutta Colony, Jamalpur,
Munger, Bihar 811201

Baijnath Cinema Hall
Address: Ballon Bazar, Jamalpur,
Munger, Bihar 811201

Restaurants and Coffee Houses in Jamalpur

Jamalpur city is known for its famous cuisines and culinary delight which are easily available in the various restaurants and food joints in the city. These restaurants are popular among the residents of the city as well as the tourists who come to visit here. Anyone who visits Jamalpur should not miss a chance taste the delicious food in Madras coffee house which is the most popular restaurant in the town. This restaurant might not be the biggest or the most lavish restaurant in the city but it definitely is the most famous one. This particular restaurant is most famous for its south Indian delicacies along with a variety of fast food items. Apart from this there are other small and beautiful restaurants found here which serve mouth watering food and delicacies. Every restaurant here is known for its unique flavors.

Jai Durga Mishthan Bhandaar
Address: Avantika Cinema Road, Jamalpur,
Munger, Bihar 811214, India

Madras Coffee House
Address: Jamalpur, Munger,
Bihar 811214, India

Shopping Avenues in Jamalpur

There are not much of shopping malls in Jamalpur but there are many shopping centers and shopping outlets found here. These outlets provide all sorts of household items and also a variety of fashion accessories for the people residing there and the tourists. Apart from this there are also many roadside stalls which provided all the latest clothing and accessories at the cheapest rates. These shopping avenues are at their best during festivals and it is the most crowded at that time.

Parks and Gardens in Jamalpur

In today’s busy world, visiting a park or garden is the best way to relax. Jamalpur has a lot of such parks and gardens. These beautiful parks surrounded by greenery, trees, flowers and shrubs give a sense of freedom. It is also a great place for the kids to have some outdoor fun. Almost every park in Jamalpur is very well maintained and is famous for their greenery. Such parks and gardens also add to the picturesque beauty of Jamalpur.

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