Cuisines of Jamalpur

The cuisine of Jamalpur is undergoing immense changes during the recent years. With the influence of the western culture, the dishes in the city are seen with a different taste and are likeable by both the tourists as well as the residents of the city. However, the traditional dishes still have their own value and taste and are a favorite among the tourists who visit here. For a tourist, there are numerous places in the city which cater to the taste buds of all. The main food in Jamalpur is rice which is the main course of food. The staple food of Jamalpur includes bhat (rice), dal, roti, tarkari and achar. The traditional cooking medium in Jamalpur is mustard oil.

Food in Jamalpur

Khichdi is a very common dish prepared in almost every household in Jamalpur. It is a mixture of rice with lentils cooked along with spices and is served with several accompanying items. Kadhi is another popular food item among the locals of Jamalpur. It is nothing but basically soft fried dumplings that are made of besan or gram flour that is cooked in spicy gravy of yogurt and besan which is often served with plain rice. Some of the popular sweets of Jamalpur includes ‘Puja’ which is prepared from powdered milk, rice, sugar, honey and ghee; ‘Palala’ or ‘Tilkuta’ which is prepared from sesame seeds; ‘Khajjaka’ which is prepared from flour and sugar; ‘Pitta’ that is rice cake; ‘Peras’ that is sweetmeat which is made from sugar and milk and Lai which is made from beaten rice and sugar. Some of the other famous food in Jamalpur includes Keema, Sattu, Paratha, Litti, Halwa, Curries, Kheer and Seekh kabab.

Traditional Cuisines of Jamalpur

People in Jamalpur believe that variety is the spice of life. As mentioned above, a daily meal consists of lentils, roti, and a pickle. But they do prefer at least three to four types of vegetables to be had along with the main dish daily. Salads are the most important part of the meal in almost every household. The most liked dish among the locals in Jamalpur is uncooked sprouts which are soaked in water and are consumed alongside bhunja, choora, and Makhana. Also the puffed rice with sprouts which is locally called 'jhal moori' is another favorite of the locals. Ghee and mustard oil are the most preferred medium of cooking since long.

Taste of Jamalpur

Even though Jamalpur is famous for vegetarian dishes, the non vegetarian dishes made in Bihar style are purely delicious. The style of cooking in Jamalpur is famous all throughout the country. People consume different forms of mutton and kebabs to even dish that are made of various birds and fowls with this being a specialty among the locals in Jamalpur. Earlier, mutton was consumed with parontha, roti or even boiled rice. Now a days this type of dish is known as Behari Kebab rolls where the mutton is rolled inside the paratha. Thus, the unique flavor of these non vegetarian dishes makes this city even more exquisite.

Fast Food in Jamalpur

The younger generation in today’s world more addicted to fast food items. The youngsters of Jamalpur are no exception in that case. The fast food joints are places where people enjoy junk food and also hangout for or have a get together with family and friends. The popular food chain called Madras Cafe House is one such example. There are all kinds of Chinese and other fast food items available at the various joints in the city. The main food items which one can find in the fast food joints in Jamalpur includes Litti, Chokha, Bajka, Bhurta, Bhunjia, Samosa, Kachori, Samosa Chaat, etc.

Street Food in Jamalpur

Most of the yummy and savory dishes are available in the crowded streets of this beautiful city. The delicious aroma of the street food here makes the vendor’s job much easier as the tourists are automatically attracted towards these junk food. While munching through the street food available in these places, one gets to taste a variety of snacks and other delicacies. There are also many food carts available along the roadside. Some of the street food items available here include bhelpuri, samosa, chaat, khachori, dosas, etc. The tourists visiting here can enjoy the delicious street food available here while shopping from the street vendors. Hence this place would be a paradise for a foodie who enjoys shopping.

Sweets of Jamalpur

Jamalpur is also famous for some extremely delectable sweet dishes. What makes these delicacies unique is that most of the sweet dishes in found here are dry and not with sugar syrups unlike those found in the eastern states. But Jamalpur does not fall short of wet sweet dishes, 'khaja' a deep fried pastry which is dipped in sugar syrup and has a dry and crisp texture that satisfies any sweet tooth person’s craving. Most famous the sweet dishes found in Jamalpur include Kala Jamun, Kesaria Peda, Motichoor ka ladoo, Chena Murki and Parwal ki Mithai. These exquisite and splendid delicacies will make anyone’s trip to Jamalpur a memorable one. These undeniable flavors found in the food of Jamalpur make it hard to resist.

Restaurants in Jamalpur

Apart from the many things that Jamalpur is famous for, food is also one of the reasons. The traditional as well as the fast food available here are truly delicious and are definitely a hit among the tourists. There are many restaurants and food joints in this beautiful city for tasting the delicious delicacies. Some of the popular food joints and drinking places in Jamalpur includes Jai Durga Mishthan Bhandaar, Jai Bangla Mishthaan Bhandaar, Chugh Store, Railway Horticulture, Lassi Shop, Cooking House, Madras Coffee House and many more. Madras Coffee House is very popular here especially among the tourists for its mouth watering south Indian dishes. It is a perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal along with friends and family and friends in a peaceful environment. Apart from that there are also a number of mouth watering Chinese and Bihari style dishes available in most of the restaurants here.

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