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Jamalpur Tourism

The first thought that comes to anyone’s mind about Jamalpur is the workshop on the East Indian Railway. But apart from this, Jamalpur has many tourist attractions and sightseeing places which are worth visiting at least once in our life. Jamalpur is also known as the best suitable place for spiritual pursuits. Jamalpur is often referred to as the best place for meditation. The warm atmosphere surrounded by hills provides a very peaceful state of mind especially for those who are fed up of a busy city lifestyle. Jamalpur is the perfect example for a small town with exquisite beauty.

Tourist spots in Jamalpur

Brief History of Jamalpur

Jamalpur is a city as well as a municipality in the Munger district of Bihar which was established during the British Raj. It was at a very far distance from the Bihar coalfields and this became the most important criteria for the selection of the place for the locomotive workshop in the 1860s. This city is best known for its huge workshop on the East Indian Railway which employs over 12,000 people at a time. Jamalpur is also famous for its cultural heritage and spiritual inheritance.

Helplines and Important Contact Numbers

Tourist places in JamalpurBihar State Tourism Development Corporation
(A Govt.of Bihar Undertaking)
Bir Chand Patel Path,
PIN-800 001.
Bihar. India.
Phone: +91-612-2225411,
Fax: +91-612-2506218.
Email: bihartourism.bstdc@gmail.com
Web Site: https://bstdc.bih.nic.in/

Best Time to Visit Jamalpur

Months between February to April is the best time for tourism in Jamalpur. During this period cool climate of the city makes it possible to explore through the length and breadth of the city. Climate is cold and pleasant along with greenery found around every corner. The waterfall and the hills look more beautiful than ever during this time of the year. Also this is the season during which most of the famous festivals are celebrated here and hence it makes this city look more colorful than ever.

Places of Interest In and Around Jamalpur

Jamalpur is an incredibly beautiful place with hills, lakes, waterfalls which add to its picturesque beauty. Jamal in Urdu means beautiful. Famous throughout India is the tunnel in Jamalpur where a scene in the mega buster movie SHOLAY was shot .This tunnel is often referred to as the Sholay tunnel and also is famous throughout Jamalpur. Some of the most prominent tourist places in Jamalpur include Jamalpur gymkhana, Kali Pahadi, JSA Stadium and many others.

Jamalpur Workshop

Jamalpur tourism

Jamalpur Locomotive Workshop that came into being in 1862 is a must visit destination in the city. Here you can get glimpses of the rich history of India railways. Further you can also find many heritage locomotive engines in and around the workshop. The workshop is operating even today and is making valuable contribution to Indian railways.

Jamalpur Gymkhana

Jamalpur gymkhana is a graded hostel for the special class Railway Apprentices of Indian Railways. It is a technical school which was established in the year 1888. It was established adjacent to the Jamalpur workshop. Short term courses are conducted by the IRIMEE for the IRSME Officers. Like any other Gymkhana, the Jamalpur Gymkhana is also a club. The only difference is the limitation of membership for the trainee officers or the special class railway apprentices.

JSA Stadium and Golf Course

JSA Stadium is one of the best maintained stadiums in the state. A number of football matches have been held between different teams in the eastern region over the last century.The Jamalpur golf course is one of the oldest golf courses in India which was established in 1912. The annual ITC Golf tournament is also held in the Jamalpur golf course. There is also the grave of an Englishman killed by a tiger found in this golf course and nearby is the grave of the tiger which killed him.

Kali Pahadi

Out of the several places of interest in Jamalpur, Kali Pahadi is the most famous one. It is a small hill which servers to be a major picnic spot for the tourists and as well as the local visitors. There is a temple on top of the hill which is dedicated to Goddess Kali. It is also one of those places where the Guru of Ananda Marga, who is known as ‘Baba’ used to mediate.

Madras Coffee House

Madras Coffee House is a very popular hotel in Jamalpur especially among the tourists. This was initially a tiny shop selling sweet meats which was about half a century old. Now, with a view to cater the culinary needs of the south India people, the Madras Coffee House is very famous. This place even though famous does not have much to describe about. It is almost like a restaurant with small accommodation for not more than two people and a tiny telephone booth.

Pir Baba

This name of the city of Jamalpur comes from Pir Jamaluddin as his grave lies at this place and it is considered as an honor to pay an obeisance at this holy place on Golf Road, especially on Fridays.

Death Valley

Death Valley is named so for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because of its formerly dense jungle frequented by many dangerous animals and secondly it is known that a group of soldiers had disappeared in that area long before. There was no trace of any of the soldiers. Apart from that the nature around this place is very beautiful. It is also said that ‘Baba’ spent most of his time in that particular place especially under the Tamarind Tree. This place would be like heaven for spiritual practitioners for some peaceful meditation.

How to Reach Jamalpur ?

Tourism in Jamalpur

Jamalpur does not enjoys airport connectivity. Patna Airport which is is about nearest 134 km far from Jamalpur. Another one that is Gaya Airport is 163 km away from Jamalpur. Jamalpur has a very extensive and well connected railway network. It is easy to get regular trains to Jamalpur from other major cities of the country. The main railway station in Jamalpur is the Jamalpur Junction (JMP).There are also not much of bus routes from other major cities to Jamalpur. Saharsa bus stand which is 59 km away from Jamalpur destinations is foremost destination to catch buses for various destinations . Another bus stand is Barh which is 80 km away from Jamalpur.

Where to Stay in Jamalpur ?

Being a favorite place among the tourists, there are sufficient numbers of hotels to stay in and around the city. Most of these hotels are fairly priced hotels which come along with all the necessary facilities. Jamalpur being a small town there are not many luxury hotels found in this place.But those present in the city are sufficient to manage the flow of the tourists.

Hotel Samrat Palace
Address: Mansarovar, Sonapatti, Opposite Jamalpur Railway Station, District - Munger, Bihar, Jamalpur, Bihar 811214
Phone:094 31 236466

White House Residency Hotel
Address: Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Jamalpur, Bihar 811214

Where to Shop in Jamalpur ?

Jamalpur shopping mostly includes hand-woven clothes and exquisite paintings that replicate its art and culture. Jamalpur offers a wide range of variety when it comes to shopping. There are also paintings of mythological gods and goddesses which are hand painted by the woman folk in Jamalpur. Beaded jewels, handloom products and local handicrafts are some of the other things to shop in Jamalpur. There are no specific places to buy such things. They are mostly sold in every street corner .There is also a wide range of Bihari sweets available in Jamalpur which includes ‘petha’, ‘tilcoot’ and of course the most famous ‘soanpapri’ which is made of gram flour and sugar. The most famous and cheapest markets in Jamalpur includes Raja Bazar that is Jublee Well, Wighte House, Sadar Bazar, Durgasthan, Shyamastore, Mahavir Vastralaya, Aakashdip, Shree Granthalaya, Hosiery House and many more.

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